Hey there! I am Ahwx ♥
Welcome to my own cozy little corner on the internet! :3

This place is trying its best to be my personal website. I don't want to tell you too much about myself, and you don't want to read a wall of text. I love GNU/Linux, servers, networking etc. Just go and read my blog if you care :)

As for this site... I just like the 2000 era of computing, since that was when the world was still learning what we can make, and most importantly, there was not that much junk yet.

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This place is a home for my psychological dysfunctioning.
This is a place where I am in control, with no censorship or manipulation.
This is a place where my words don't get mixed up with noise.
This is a place where I am able to express my own creativity instead of using set colors from i.e. BloatPress blogs.
This is a privacy friendly website, there are no cookies, JavaScript files or any other bullshit.
This website is written in HTML, CSS and no proprietary JS is used.

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