As my operating system, I mainly use Gentoo GNU/Linux since I like Gentoo being quite easy to understand and I like portage a lot. Bonus is of course the rolling release architecture.
I use a "custom" kernel.
My IDE/text editor is Neovim. No, I will not switch to Emacs.
For browsing the interwebs, I use either ungoogled chromium, firefox or qutebrowser, and when using qutebrowser, I play video's with yt-dlp and mpv.
I use i3wm as my window manager.
I use the ZSH shell with
For accessing privacy unfriendly services I use either Tor or my own instances/frontends.



My laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad X280 (i5-8350U, 16GB, 1TB NVMe, 1080p touch). I do hate Intel ME, but the prices of old ThinkPads are not low enough to switch to a T60 or something from "that era". I don't "need more" than a T60 (cpu/ram wise) actually, but I do want a laptop which has good battery life, is thin and light and I enjoy a nice (touch!) panel. As said, I run Gentoo GNU/Linux on it, since it just works. The only proprietairy Setup on my laptop is Linux itself, as it's not fully libre. kernel .config file, make.conf.


My PC is custom built (Ryzen 5 5600X (4.3GHz base all core), AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, 16GB 3800MHz CL18, 240GB NVMe SSD, if I need storage, I'll use my server for it). I use it mainly for development work and productivity, sometimes gaming as well and it has Gentoo GNU/Linux on it. kernel .config file, make.conf.


My storage server is also custom built, please refer to this blog post for more information. The CPU for this server has died and I am getting a new one. This server is going to be sold.
I run two compute servers. Both are HPE ProLiant DL380p G8 servers. One is a SFF variant, one is a LFF variant. I have one (the LFF version; "eclipse") configured with a raw capacity of 40TB storage. My boot drives are on the intergrated P420 raid controller. The data storage is on my Dell H200 flashed to IT mode. I have two Xeon E5-2650's (total of 16 cores, 32 threads at 2.8GHz), 128GB ram and I am planning on adding a GTX 1050 for Jellyfin transcoding. The other (the SFF version; "permafrost") server is built with 96GB ram,two Xeon E5-2630's (total of 12 cores, 24 threads at 2.3GHz) and 500GB of HDD storage as it's plenty for my install. This will probably be upgraded to a RAID1 array with two SSD's, because I use this server for Minecraft hosting specifically. As for Setup: all of my servers run Gentoo GNU/Linux except for my Proxmox host (HP EliteDesk 400 G2 with an i5-4590S, 12GB ram, 256GB Samsung SSD) which I use for a few Docker containers, including Home Assistant. My webserver/reverse proxy is NGINX.

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